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Tallahassee Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Stop Foreclosure, Vehicle Repossession and Creditor Harassment

With the economic troubles of recent years, millions of consumers have found themselves saddled with debts that they cannot keep up with, despite working their hardest to stay afloat. While millions of homeowners in Florida have experienced financial problems related to plunging real estate values and troubled mortgages, the most common form of problem consumer debt is credit card debt.

If you are struggling with excessive credit card debt or other forms of debt, you may be afraid of (or in the midst of) foreclosure, vehicle repossession or the garnishment of your wages, and you may be seriously considering bankruptcy as a solution. But which type of bankruptcy is appropriate?

Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

While Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be effective in wiping out credit card debt and other unsecured debt, some people do not qualify for Chapter 7; others who do qualify for Chapter 7 choose Chapter 13 because of the unique benefits it can bring. When filed with the help of an experienced lawyer, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you accomplish several important things:

  • It stops phone calls and other collection activities: A Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing brings an automatic stay, meaning that it automatically stops any legal action against a property, including a house or vehicle.
  • It can stop foreclosure and help you keep your house: Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy will immediately stop the process of foreclosure, including an actual foreclosure sale of a property, and it can establish a payment plan to pay off back mortgage payments; in some cases, you can adjust the interest rate and payment amount.
  • It may eliminate second mortgage debt: In addition to dealing decisively with a first mortgage, Chapter 13 can be used to "lien strip" a second mortgage when a home's value has fallen.
  • It can help you keep a vehicle: A Chapter 13 can be used to restructure a car or truck loan to make it more affordable while providing a plan to pay off back payments.
  • It can be used to eliminate some credit card debt and pay off other credit card debt over time with an affordable payment plan

Contact a Leon County Foreclosure Defense Attorney

As a Tallahassee Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney with more than 30 years of experience, I can review your debt situation and advise you regarding your legal rights and options. Contact me to schedule a free initial consultation.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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